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Intlaq Program
Intelaq’ is an innovative program launched in the UAE to assist UAE nationals residing in Dubai to take their first step into the world of business. Intelaq allows for different business activities which can be worked on from home.
The program aims at supporting UAE Nationals setting up their business, through a mechanism that will enhance the budding business chances of success. The program also provides operational assistance and business development.
To achieve this, The Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for SME Development is dedicated to incubating & providing the necessary support during the initial phase for a period of three years. The support offered to Entrepreneurs manifest in the form of licensing, training courses as well as financial, legal, marketing, technical support, and consultancy. This will enable participants in the Intelaq program to become independent project leaders, and capable of achieving development growth.
Few restrictions
Almost any professional, artisan or trade business can be home-based. We simply ask if it is reasonable for the kind of business you want to create to operate from a residential environment. Some restrictions are obvious: your business must not harm the environment or the health of any person, and should not generate noise or other irritants that may have a negative impact on your neighbours. Other than these kinds of limitations, you are free to operate any kind of small business.
The Intelaq licence costs just AED 1060. You can have only one trade or professional Intelaq licence but can operate more than one related activity under the licence. If your business requires the approval of other government departments, you will have to pay the relevant fees.
An Intelaq licence does not allow you to hire staff. However, you are free to engage contractors if necessary, who work from other location

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