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Company Incorporation in DMCC - Zero Personal and Corporate Tax

Established in 2002 by Royal Decree, DMCC is a strategic initiative of the Government of Dubai with a mandate to enhance the commodity trade flows through the emirate by providing the appropriate physical and financial infrastructure, regulation, products and services required.

DMCC Free Zone - the largest and fastest growing free zone in the UAE - successfully attracts key participants throughout the entire value chain of a wide range of commodities sectors along with a diversity of businesses from shipping to recruitment, IT, advertising, restaurants, retail outlets, gyms, nurseries, luxury brands, learning centres and more. Member companies include: American Express, Clarkson, Conoco Philips, Debeers Diamdel, Harley Davidson, Louis Dreyfus, LVMH, Nutricia Danone and Rio Tinto Alcan.
The development is a dynamic 200-hectare waterfront community encompassing 66 commercial and residential towers alongside hotels, playgrounds and over 220 retail outlets.
Today, DMCC has registered over 8,000 companies including multinationals, major regional industry heavyweights as well as SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs. During 2012, the Free Zone achieved numerous successes including registering 2,033 companies, a 50% increase over the same period in 2011, when it registered 1,362 companies. On average DMCC welcomes over 200 companies per month to its Free Zone, more than six companies a day - over 95% of which are new to Dubai.

100% ownership

One of the most attractive aspects for many foreign nationals looking to establish a business in Dubai is the guarantee of total ownership. Here at the DMCC, we believe that all companies have the right to carefully select the individuals they wish to partnership with, which is why we facilitate 100% foreign business ownership to all DMCC applicants. 

100% capital repatriation

Whether you are a start-up or an existing multinational, all our members benefit from 100% capital repatriation with no currency restrictions, meaning you are free to repatriate your funds at your convenience without limit.

Zero Tax

Generally considered to be one of the most compelling reasons to set up a business with the DMCC, is our zero personal and corporate tax rate. With no taxation document or forms to complete, there is simply no tax levied, meaning whatever you earn, you keep.

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