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Industrial Areas for Company Incorporation in Dubai

Industrial Areas for Company Incorporation in Dubai
The Dubai Government has allocated a number of Industrial areas and provided them with all necessary facilities, such as internal roads, electric power, water, tele-communication services and other facilities. The local government offers various incentives to the businesses involved in industrial projects. These include exemption from customs duty on import of items for the use of industrial projects such as raw materials and machinery, in addition to a 10% price preference in government prices over imported goods. There are five basic requirements to be complied by an entrepreneur to start up an industrial project in Dubai.

1. No objection from Dubai Municipality
2. Obtain initial clearance from Ministry of Finance & Industry (Industrial Department)
3. Apply for industrial license with Department of Economic Development
4. Arrange the factory site (such as preparation of factory site, installation of machinery, import of raw materials etc.)
5. Register the project in the Industrial Register at the Ministry of Finance & Industry

Ras Al Khor Industrial area
661 hectares

 Al-Quoz Industrial area
1838 hectares

 Al-Safa Area
20 hectares (Only for consumer food stuff)

 Al Khubaisi Area
102 hectares

 Um-Ramool Industrial Area
391 hectares

 Al-Qusais Industrial Area
545 hectares

 Jebel Ali Industrial Area
84 hectares

Dubai Investments Park (DIP)

Close to proposed Jebel Ali International Airport

Dubai Investments Park Development Company (LLC)

33,950,000 sq. meters

Zoning in DIP
Industrial Zone, Commercial Zone,  Residential & Recreational Zone,  Education Zone

Type of Industries
Cosmetics, food, light engineering, logistics & distribution, paper products and plastics.  In short DIP is focusing mainly on small and  medium sized industries

Approximate Land Rental
Manufacturing US$ 4.10 [AED 15] per square meter.  Warehousing/Storage US$ 13.10 [AED 48] per square meter

Lease Period
Up to 30 years, renewable for further 30 years



·         Price competitiveness for fully developed plots
·         No hidden charges
·         Different size of plots
·         Complete infrastructure
·         Equity participation by Dubai Investments PJSC
·         Easy access to major freeways, Jebel Ali sea port and airport
·         Water supply network
·         Wastewater collection and treatment
·         Diversification to create infrastructure suitable to attract high-tech industries.

Dubai Industrial City

 Close to proposed Jebel Ali international airport

 Dubai Holdings

 560 million sq. feet

Zoning in DIC
 Zone 1 Food and Beverage Zone 2 Base metals Zone 3 Mineral products Zone 4 Transport Equipment and parts Zone 5 Machinery and Mechanical Equipment Zone 6 Chemicals Zone 7 Logistics zone ( Trans PARK DUBAI) Zone 8 Academic zone

 Land rent
 AED 2.5 - 3.00 per sq. feet [US$ 0.68 -0.82] minimum 100,000 square ft to be leased )

 Lease period
30 years, renewable for further 50 years

 51.49 (100% foreign ownership is at proposal stage)

International Standards Activities in Dubai Industrial City will be governed under international safety, quality & environmental standards. Dubai Industrial City will introduce the Dubai Quality Mark (DQM) for products manufactured in the city.

Industrial Fund Dubai Industrial City is setting up a multi-million dollar fund to provide financial products tailored to the needs of the industrial sector. The fund is being set up in conjunction with leading banks, investment houses and prominent business groups in the region. The fund will be managed by globally renowned industrial fund managers.

Advanced Logistics: TransPARK – Dubai One of the major segments and attractions of the Dubai Industrial City will be a dedicated Logistics Park. This will be especially designed to meet the special logistic needs of the tenants. It has specialized facilities from warehousing, labeling and packaging to advanced transportation systems. 

Education Academic zone will host the first Engineering University in Dubai. The Engineering University will be established in partnership with one of the leading globally branded schools. Several technical training centers will also be set up in partnership with prominent business houses to cater to skill needs of specific sectors Amenities The Dubai industrial city will be a complete city of its own, with a Downtown area that will have varied facilities such as hotels, entertainment, conferences, and residential complex areas Single Window Clearance Dubai Industrial City also offers a one stop shop providing a single window of clearance for government services, support services and access to labor from all over the world.

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