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How to secure a medical or related license in Dubai | Company Formation | Business Setup |

Medical and Related Professions (Ministry of Health, Department of Health and Dubai
 Municipality Requirements) 

Stage – I: Approval by Ministry Of Health

Formal application with local sponsor’s particulars and suggested trade name
Provide address/location of proposed clinic/pharmacy/centre for formal inspection by the MOH
Obtain no objection from MOH

Stage – II – Approval by Department of Health (DOH)

A DOH qualified manager
If the manager is a new appointment he should appear for DOH exam before
Obtaining permission to proceed for the license. Exams shall be conducted within 2 weeks’ time from the date of submitting the application.
Upon successful clearance of the exam a formal request letter has to be submitted in the name of a UAE national to the “Director, Licensing and Specification Department�? With passport copy, nationality card, profile about the proposed establishment, experience of the doctor, location etc.
U pon reviewing the application, the department shall issue the no-objection letter to the department of Economic Development and Dubai Municipality.

Stage – III – Approval by Dubai Municipality and issue of License by Dept. of Economic Development

Submit formal license application and name approval form to the Department of Economic Development
Submit formal application for permission to the “ Clinic "? Department of Dubai Municipality The Municipality/DOH shall conduct formal inspection to satisfy their requirements as per the standards set.
The license shall be a professional license and issued in the name of UAE national.
The legal structure shall be sole proprietorship, however, the same may be converted into partnership subject to the approval of the Director (Licensing & Specification Dept) of DOH

The partnership must be in the name of a professional doctor.

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