Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Probationary Work Permit For People On Visit Visa

Visitors in Dubai who wish to start working during their visit visa period itself should acquire a permit known as the probationary work permit first, advised the chief residency prosecutor.
The visitors to acquire this permit rather than flout the Foreigner Entry and Residency Law by working when they are on visit visa. “The permit is valid for three months and is available at the Ministry of Labour (MoL) for visitors who find an employer during their stay. However, if they are caught working while here on visit visas they would be jailed and fined.The penalty could be a one-month jail term or a fine of Dh1,000. Deportation is compulsory in such cases
“The MoL organises regular and impromptu inspection visits to establishments to check on the companies’ compliance with the labour laws and the Foreigner Entry and Residency Law. Residents who have pending labour cases against their sponsoring employer at the Labour Court, to acquire an approval from the Labour Court if they wanted to work elsewhere.
Counsellor Ali Humaid bin Khatem, Head of the Naturalisation and Residency Prosecution in Dubai, said “We are investigating a case in which an expatriate had filed a labour case against his company. His labour case was still being heard by the Labour Court when he moved to work for a restaurant. He was caught and charged with working for a third party. It was a breach of the law and he would be penalised for working for (someone) other than the sponsor.” The ignorance of laws would not spare the violators from being held legally accountable.
“In this case, the defendant could have avoided committing the violation by applying and acquiring an approval from the Labour Court to work for a new company, pending the settlement of his labour case. He was entitled to have a court permit issued to him to work for a third party while his labour case was being heard.”
Regulations and laws should not be crossed and ignored whatever be the reason. Breaching laws entails jail terms and deportation, Bin Khatem warned.
The chief residency prosecutor urged the private sector workers to get familiar with the Foreigner Entry and Residency Law to avoid committing violations even if they are not intentional.

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